This Is What Cola Beverages Do To Your Body When You Take Them!


When you need to remain healthy, coke is not the best drink to go for. There are a number of reasons why soft drinks are bad for your health and some of the have not been comprehensively covered scientific research. Coke being one of the various soft drinks causes a lot of negative impacts to the human body. Want to know them? The assault that this drink causes is revealed by one writer by the name Wade Meredith.
Sugar is the basis of all these problems. This secret is well hidden by sugar producers and the food processing industry. On top of that, manufactures of sugary products support most dietitians financially so as to hide this truth from the general public.
The following happens whenever a person drinks the Coke drink:

• Your body system is forced to take 10 teaspoons of sugar within less than 10 minutes. This is 100% of the sugar a person is supposed to take within a day. Phosphoric acid that exists within our bodies and the sweetness of the sugar prevents one from vomiting.

• An insulin burst takes place in the body after 20 minutes. This is taken care of by the liver and goes as far as converting the excess sugar into fats. Presently, most people have a lot of fat deposits within their bodies.

• The absorption of Caffeine is completed after 40 minutes. This makes the blood pressure to increase, dilation of pupils and the liver responds by dumping more sugar into one’s bloodstream. One is prevented from being drowsy since blocking of the adenosine receptors present in the brain occurs.


• After 45 minutes, the production of dopamine by your body is upped a thing that makes your brain’s pleasure centers to be stimulated. This is similar to how heroin works.

• Zinc, magnesium and calcium are bound by phosphoric acid within one’s lower intestine and thus boosting the rate of metabolism. The high quantities of artificial sweeteners and sugar are responsible for this and make calcium’s excretion by the urinary system to increase. This takes place in over 60 minutes.• The diuretic properties of caffeine are felt. At this stage, one needs to pee. This happens so as to evacuate the bonded minerals (zinc, magnesium and calcium) and water and sodium electrolyte that were headed to the bones. This takes place in over 60 minutes.

• One begins to develop a sugar crash since the acquired rave is slowly diminishing. It is common to become sluggish or develop an irritation. Since the water which was supposed to be used by your body for development of strong teeth and bones was eliminated through peeing, one feels dehydrated. This takes place in over an hour.

You now know the massive negative effects that a single can do to your body. This can be even more detrimental when taken on a regular basis. To stay healthy, stick to taking water, unsweetened tea and fresh squeezed fruit juice.

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