Chuck Norris had a 26-year-old love kid he was completely unaware of.


Chuck Norris, an American martial artist, and actor, is the delighted father of five children, including Dina DiCiolli, a love child he was unaware of for 26 years. Take a look at her.

Chuck Norris is a well-known martial artist. He competed in various martial arts events, winning the majority of them. He also won the World Middleweight Karate Championship five times and successfully defended his title.

Norris taught various celebrities, including Steve McQueen and Priscilla Presley, and opened over 30 karate studios. He was a cinema star himself, in addition to educating superstars.


Norris, a former the United States Air Force officer, acted in a number of successful films, including “Way of the Dragon,” in which he co-starred with Bruce Lee. “Missing in Action,” “Code of Silence,” and “The Delta Force” are among his other films. In addition, he starred in the television series “Walker, Texas Ranger.”

Norris has been married twice in his life, aside from his work. He married Dianne Kay Holechek, a high school friend, for the first time in December 1958.

Norris was 18 when they married, and Holechek was 17. Mike, born in 1962, and Eric, born in 1964, were the couple’s two sons throughout their marriage.

Norris and Holechek’s marriage terminated in divorce in 1989 after 30 years of marriage. During the production of “The Delta Force 2,” the former couple split up in 1988.

Nine years after his divorce from Holechek, Norris married for the second time. He married Gena O’Kelley, a former model who is 23 years his junior, on November 28, 1998.


Norris and O’Kelley have been happily married for 23 years, and the actor never misses a chance to express his affection for her.

He posted a heartfelt message on his Instagram page last month to commemorate their 23rd wedding anniversary. Norris shared a sweet snapshot of him and his lovely wife passionately embracing each other. He wrote in the caption:

“My universe, my love, my best friend, and my best friend’s best Happy 23rd Anniversary to my lovely wife, whom God blessed me with 25 years ago when we met. I adore you and am completely devoted to you.”

Norris tweeted a photo of himself and O’Kelley cuddling while posing in April 2018. He added in the caption of the post: “Gena isn’t only my wife. She’s also my business partner and greatest friend. We are incredibly fortunate to be able to live, love, and work together.”

Norris is so committed to and protective of his marriage and connection with O’Kelley that when she became unwell in 2017, he left his job to care for her.

O’Kelley had neck pain and kidney difficulties, which she and Norris attributed to an injection she received before to an MRI scan in 2013.

Within hours of receiving the initial injection, O’Kelley described the feeling as if her entire body was on fire and acid had passed through her.

Initially, the scorching feeling was localized, but it eventually expanded across her entire body. She had to spend five months in bed, receiving round-the-clock medical care. Throughout the experience, Norris stood by her side.

Norris stated he had given up his film career to focus on his wife’s tragedy since his entire life had been devoted to keeping her alive.

The couple was furious when they revealed they had spent around $2 million on treatment. O’Kelley afterward required stem cell therapy.

Norris and his wife sued the firms that were responsible for her reaction to gadolinium, a metal used in the contrast agent in the injection she got. The pair suspected the injection was tainted.


Since their reconciliation, Norris, and Dina have grown closer to one another.

Danielle Kelley and Dakota Alan, Norris and O’Kelley’s twin daughters, were born on August 30, 2001. The twins arrived a month ahead of schedule, but without any issues.

Norris was intended to be the father of four children, thanks to his twins with O’Kelley and his two children with his first wife, Holechek. The actor, though, is a father of five children. In his book “Against All Odds: My Story,” Norris made a startling revelation.

He admitted that while he was married to Holechek, he cheated on her and fathered a child with another lady named Johanna. He didn’t find out about the child till later. Dina DiCiolli, the love kid, was born in 1963.

Norris admitted that he still feels bad for lying to Johanna in the book regarding his marital status. Then, while serving in the United States Air Force, he had a brief affair with her while stationed in California.

Johanna became pregnant and gave birth to their daughter without Norris’ knowledge. Dina wrote to him in 1991, claiming to be his biological daughter, and he found out about it.

Dina discovered Norris was her father when she was 16 and overheard her mother discussing him with a friend. Johanna later acknowledged to Dina that Norris was her biological father.

She added that the actor was married with children and that she did not want to cause him any inconvenience. Dina, on the other hand, was resolute and contacted Norris. He accepted her and Johanna’s invitation to meet.

Norris said that he didn’t require DNA or blood tests to determine whether Dina was his daughter. When he spotted her, he ran up to her and put his arms around her, their eyes welling up with tears. He claimed in the book that he thought he had known her his entire life at the time.

Dina works for Zilis LLC as a recruitment consultant. She is the delighted mother of three children, daughter Gabi Boardman and sons Dante and Eli, and is happily married to Damien DiCiolli.

She is a frequent user of social media and enjoys posting pictures of her children. Gabi posing in the lab while undertaking medical research was posted by Gabi’s delighted mother in June 2012.

Dina also announced in June 2012 that her son Dante was competing in the South Carolina Regional Soccer Tournament. She stated he was doing great for his soccer team as a goalkeeper and made incredible saves.

Gabi has a happy marriage as well. In October 2018, she married the love of her life and released photos from the ceremony on Facebook.

She tweeted a photo of herself and her spouse posing with members of her family. In the photo, Norris and his wife, O’Kelley, are joined by Dina, her husband, and their two sons, Eli and Dante.

Since their reconciliation, Norris, and Dina have grown closer to one another. He tweeted a photo of himself, O’Kelley, and their twins posing with Dina, her husband, and their kids, Dante and Eli, in August 2015. He wrote in the caption:

“Here’s another photo of the family from Kauai. This time we’re spending it with our daughter Dina, her husband Damien, and their two sons Dante and Eli.”

Norris is a proud father to his five sons and daughters. In a Father’s Day post from June 2017, he made that message very plain. He captioned a photo of himself wishing everyone a Happy Father’s Day:

“One of God’s greatest blessings for a man is to become a father.”

The star of “Missing in Action” has a lot to be proud of. His five children are all doing well in life. Mike, for example, is an actor like his grandfather, having appeared in over 30 films. He also works as a director. Mike is married with three children.

Eric worked as a stuntman in Hollywood before becoming a stunt coordinator. He is also a father of four children and a film director.

Dakota and Danielle are both actors. They co-starred in the film “Yes Dear” with their mother and father. Danielle also co-starred with her father in “Walker, Texas Ranger,” in which she played Walker’s daughter.

Norris lives in a happy home, which is lovely to witness. The actor and martial artist has made a name for himself and should be proud of his accomplishments in both his job and as a father.

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