All children are beautiful, but there’s something special about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s little girl


As Lillipet prepares to celebrate her first birthday on Saturday, her parents, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, shared two new photos of their little girl.

The proud parents released a photo of their daughter, who has taken the royal title Elizabeth, taken on the property of their Windsor home, Frogmore Cottage.

Lilibet appears to have inherited her father’s ginger hair and blue eyes. She is also wearing a headband made of white lace and is dressed in a dress that is a light blue color. Her bright smile reveals that she still has six of her baby teeth, and two more are beginning to erupt on the bottom.


A spokesman for the pair stated that they were “very thrilled by the innumerable birthday wishes for their daughter.” He also disclosed that friends and family gathered for “a casual, intimate backyard lunch at Frogmore Cottage” to celebrate their daughter’s special day.


Misan Harriman, who was there at the intimate gathering along with his wife and children, was the one who took the photograph.


In the past, he has photographed all four members of the royal family, and more recently, he was observed having fun during the Invictus Games beside Prince Harry.


Claire Ptak, whose Violet Bakery had previously cooked the couple’s wedding cake in 2018, designed and crafted a cake for the occasion.


An further photograph that was taken by Harriman in black and white and was uploaded on Twitter shows Lilibet being carried by her mother Meghan while they pose with Harriman’s own family.



Lili is seen smiling broadly as she munches on some party food while her younger pals paint their faces to look like lions. She is seen wearing a cardigan, patterned socks, and a clip in her hair.


The images were made available to the public shortly after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge unveiled previously unpublished photographs of the events that took place over the course of four days in honor of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.


The timing caught royal watchers off guard, especially considering that Harry and Meghan had maintained such a low profile while they were in Britain. The general public had not seen Lilibet or her brother, Archie, who is three years old, over the course of the weekend.


It is believed that Lilibet, who is currently one year old, met her great-grandmother the Queen for the first time.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex thanked their supporters for donating more than one hundred thousand dollars to the World Central Kitchen, a charity that they back and which has recently worked in Ukraine and in Uvalde, Texas at the site of a primary school shooting. The money was raised as part of a fundraising drive held in honor of Lilibet’s birthday.


It is only the second set of official images of Lilibet, following a Christmas card that was taken of her when she was a young baby, in which she was seen chuckling with her mother. In the new series of photographs, Lilibet appears to be smiling broadly.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex did not bring their two children to any public festivities that were held in honor of the Jubilee, and there is no photographic evidence of Lili spending time with any of her British relatives.

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