Cell Phones Might Be Harmful For Your Heart: Learn How To Reduce This Risk.


It is common knowledge that cell phones emit what is known as radio-frequency energy during its normal use. The potential damage this type of energy can do to the human body is currently a topic of debate.

Let’s begin with what we do know. This radio-frequency energy is a form of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that basically is made up of charged electronic particles. There are two types of EMR, ionizing and non-ionizing. Ionizing is the more powerful of the two types. You will find ionizing EMR used when you go to have an x-ray taken, but fortunately cell phones emit the non-ionizing type. The National Cancer Institute has not yet recognized non-ionizing EMR as increasing the risk of getting cancer.

So when you turn on your cell phone to make a call, or receive a call, this EMR is absorbed by your body. While the National Cancer Institute has not officially recognized the dangers, there are several research studies that indicate there are dangers of radio-frequency radiation. The International Agency for Research on Cancer conducted a study with 31 scientists from 14 different countries on the issue of radio-frequency emissions and their impact on human health. Conducted in May 2011, their conclusion was that it is possible the non-ionizing EMR does have a negative impact on human health. Several scientists of the group said there is sufficient evidence to conclude the risk is definite and warranted that the connection between cell phone use and cancer be monitored closely by the medical community.

Should the conclusion drawn by this group of scientists be true, the long-term effects of cell phone use could be devastating to the human body. Physiological systems that could be affected by these cancer causing radio waves are the cardiovascular and immunological.

Another study connected the use of cell phones and the development of brain tumors, particularly in children. A study conducted at the Orebro Hospital in Sweden identified a 290 percent increase in the occurrence of brain tumors when cell phones were regularly used over a 10-year period. Children were more susceptible because they have smaller brains, a lower bone skull density, a less effective blood-brain barrier, and more connective tissue. These physiological differences compared to adults create the possibility for children to absorb as much as three times more radiation.

These studies are one side of the story. The results have been opposed by reputable scientists and organizations. A July 2011 report published in The Journal of the National Cancer Institute clearly dismissed any concerns, stating that there was no link between cell phone use and either an increased risk of cancer or the development of brain tumors. Yet shortly after this report was published, another organization, the Environmental Health Trust, disputed the report saying it was filled with many statistical flaws and therefore was inaccurate. The group used the same statistical data and stated that if the results of the NCI report were correctly analyzed, there would be evidence of an increased risk of 115 percent to children in the development of brain tumors.

The scientific studies and scientists will continue to debate the potential damage of our everyday use of cell phones. While the debate continues,. There are several actions you can take to effectively reduce potential damage you yourself. There may be more that you have discovered, so feel free to add your knowledge to the comments section of the article.


Use headphones or earbuds when using your cell phone.

The idea is simple: to keep the cell phone at the greatest distance possible from your head and vital organs.

Add certain dietary supplements to your daily diet.

Certain substances such as melatonin, green tea polyphenol, gingko bilboa, and bee propolis are known to reduce the effects radiation has on the human body. As always, consult a health care professional before adding any new supplements to your diet.

Use Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is an addition to your cell phone that uses sacred geometry mandalas to mitigate the effects of electromagnetic radiation. These mandalas resonate in coordination with the universal systems of healing to act as a neutralizing measure. You can Google “sacred geometry” to get the various designs for free.

Statistics show that there were more than 300 million cell phones subscribers in the United States during 2010. Since then, cell phone use has expanded into non-developed countries, making the cell phone a technology that is here to stay, along with the potential dangers. Whatever your position may be on the potential dangers, use this article as a starting point for further investigation.

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