Cat brings huge live rat inside house. Footage of mom freaking out has whole internet dying of laughter


If you got the chance to raise an outdoor cat as a pet, then you probably received many ‘presents’ brought in from outside. When we say ‘presents’, it’s just a nice, polite way to describe “bloody, pulpy carcass of something that was possibly once a chipmunk or bird.”

Sometimes, cats are so proud with their presents that they want to show them proudly to the entire family, no matter what the reaction would be – take Broccoli the cat, for instance. Who decided to bring his latest toy in for everyone to see.

His toy? Absolutely not an ordinary one, a very large, very alive, very long-tailed… rat.

Jessica Gottlieb, Broccoli’s mom, filmed the entire surprise on video and shared it in a post titled, “I’m going to set my house on fire.” And you have to see how big that rat is— whom, it bears repeating, is very much alive — you’ll definitely go with arson as the only solution.


The mom’s reaction itself is hilarious, because while she is freaking out about this enormous unwanted guest free in the house, Broccoli doesn’t care a bit and is just like “yeah, whatever, this is my new toy now.”

On the other hand, mom keeping desperately pleading: “Broccoli. Broccoli! BROCCOLI!!!!” is the best part of the video. Because, all cat owners totally understand that cats do not listen. They care less about being called or scolded or ordered around. So, normally, when poor Gottlieb yelled “DO NOT GO UPSTAIRS” — Broccoli actually did go upstairs.


You’ll want to turn up the sound for: “OH MY GOD THE RAT IS FUCKING ALIVE!” And again at Gottlieb’s dismay when Broccoli bored of his new toy: “OH MY GOD THE CAT JUST LOST INTEREST IN IT, MOTHERFUCKER!”

Now, we don’t have to forget about the rat held into the cat’s clutches. Of course, he won’t let this hilarious story end up without putting his touch, the Mega Rat managed to escape the cat. Then, he immediately scurried around the nooks and crannies of the Gottlieb house. FOR 36 HOURS.

The family closed all the bedroom doors and hoped that their other cat, Sparky, who has killed a number of rodents in her day, would deal with the rat.

When they found no dead rat in the morning, though, Gottlieb set some snap traps. Unfortunately, that didn’t work either.

So, it was on to Plan C.

They turned to an electric trap, The Rat Zapper. That finally did the trick, and Gottlieb’s husband, who had been out of town for all the madness, returned and deposited the now deceased rat in the trash bin.

Watch the hilarious video below:
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