Who can come to kidnap her daughter


Marilyn Eisenberg got up at 6 a.m. one morning, went for a coffee, only to catch something terrible in the corner of her eye: the garage door was open. Within a minute she was upstairs in her 15-month-old daughter’s room, but it was too late, the baby was gone. Marilyn was hysterical and didn’t know what had happened. Who can come to kidnap her daughter?


The neighbors were also concerned, they were all new parents and thought the neighborhood was safe, but the Eisenberg house turned into a crime scene and the police were everywhere. They came to the same sad conclusion as their parents, Marilyn and Steve: They forgot the garage door was open and the mistake cost their daughter.

While all the things of Sabrina, as the little girl was called, were carefully analyzed, the parents went to a TV station and asked the kidnapper not to harm their daughter, but to give her back. But on the same day that Sabrina disappeared, something strange happened: the couple was seen smiling happily as they left the house. People in society have come to tragic conclusions: who can laugh at such a tragedy? Do the parents have anything to do with the kidnapping of the child?



As a result, the two hired a police attorney who had no other evidence, assuming that the parents knew where their daughter was and that they also knew who had taken her. To stop the accusations from all sides, the parents agreed to test them with a lie detector. Though the sheriff declined to reveal whether the two passed the test, the results were thought to be inconclusive and it was only natural under the circumstances for the parents to be emotional and tense when it came to Sabrina. †

In the end, they were not pursued by prosecutors and months passed without any notice from Sabrina. But after a while, a criminal working for the police, Dennis Byron, had a mission: to try to convince his cellmate Scott D. Overbeck to tell everything he knew about Sabrina’s disappearance, he recorded everything on a Walkman.


Apparently Byron knew Overbeck before they both went to jail and believed it had something to do with the kidnapping and the two apparently went to multiple locations where the kidnapper confessed. Here’s what Overbeck admitted: He was paid to dispose of a young girl’s body, which he said had been dismembered. He obtained the body while boarding a boat from Eisenberg’s vacation home before Sabrina’s disappearance was reported. The body was in the boat.

In view of this new information, the parents were again considered suspects, but in the end the charges were again dismissed as unfounded due to lack of evidence. At the same time, Overbeck was suspected of having an affair with Sabrina’s mother.

So far, no one has found the girl since she disappeared from her home on November 24, 1997. The case is officially closed and based on the time that has passed, no one believes Sabrina will ever be found. † Despite these circumstances, the police officers involved in this case are sure that the parents had a hand in the girl’s disappearance.

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