Can Your Cat’s Purrs Bring You Good Health?


Cats are natural observers. They have the innate ability to become stealth while achieving serenity. It is a remarkable skill that many humans could use. Although humans and cats have a special relationship, humans are not able to mimic the wisdom or serenity that a cat can.

What is the origin of the human and cat relationship?
There are few practical reasons why humans like cats. Humans have relied on cats since the beginning of agriculture times. Cats are great predators. They can hunt down and kill vermin before vermin destroys crops.

There are more spiritual and religious reasons why cats are highly regarded. In some ancient societies, cats are worshipped as a deities. It is the cats possess of an innate wisdom that causes people to cats should be held in high esteem. The first documented relationship between cats and humans can be found in Egypt. The ancient Egyptians have given cats one of the highest honors. They have depicted the god Bastet, the god responsible for upholding justice, with the head of a feline. Historians believe this depiction is chosen, because Bastet is charged with the task to carry out execution on people who who have threatened the society. Cats are similar in respects to how they handle vermin. Vermin threaten the crops. Therefore, they threaten the life and livelihood of everyone, because they mess with the food supply.

There have been recent discoveries about the history of humans and cats. In 2004, an 11,000 year old grave from around 9000 BC is discovered, and it contains an African wildcat buried with the skeleton of a man. The mysteries of the cat and human relationship does not end there. Some people around the world believe that cats have supernatural abilities. Can cats see the future? Are they healers of the human body? Egyptians believe that cats can predict the future. All you have to do is look at what they are saying with their whiskers. Sailors used cats to help predict weather patterns.



Cats are not healers of the human body, but a recent study has shown that a cat’s purr can be soothing to people. The more frequently a person is exposed to the vibrations of a cat’s purr the more stress is relieved. This exposure can also help to prevent heart attacks and breathing problems.

The Human and Cat Relationship Today
Cats have become domesticated pets. In fact, they are one of the most common pets to have, because pet owners value a cats independence. They are no fuss pets. All they need is food, shelter and litter box. Cats are very self reliant and only seek out humans when they need a little affection. Cats can spend their days completely without human interaction. They will hunt, groom themselves, explore, play with other cats, and sleep. Like humans, cats can be a little vain. They groom themselves consistently, because they are worried about losing their hair due to psychogenic alopecia.

Cats take after humans in other ways, too. As our population grows, the cat population is expanding, as well. For example, China has over a billion people. In the country, there are over 55 million cats. Cats are great pets to have in small spaces and with the population growing, cats are one of the few pets that fit.


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