A Bus Driver Ditched A Bus With All Of Its Passengers In Sweden


Not a single person complained when a bus driver in Sweden by the name Andre Grandin made a surprising sudden stop and abandoned his bus while passengers were still inside.

This took place in southern Sweden and the bus was operating between Vara and Lidkoping. Andre was forced to abandon his bus when he saw 10 year old Emilia Behrendtz crying by the roadside. According to witnesses, the driver comforted the child and silently boarded the bus as if nothing has taken place. As it was later revealed, other children had bullied the little girl up to the point of making her cry.

One of the passengers by the name Emma Gustaffsson took a picture of this touching scene.



Since Emma Gustaffsson posted the picture online, it has been retweeted for over 5000 times and got more than 50,000 interactions on Facebook.
While being interviewed by the Swedish press, Andre Grandin revealed that he hates seeing people in pain or crying and his nature forces him to help them. Though he thinks his actions were not extraordinary, flowers have been sent by strangers to his home.

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