The Brown Brothers make the AGT 2022 judges laugh with their lyrical impressions


At the last audition for the America’s Got Talent 2022 show, two brothers, who present themselves as The Brown Brothers in the world of entertainment, provided a dose of laughter and good mood.

They sang musical hits in front of the judges with different voices, and their performance will undoubtedly impress you as well.

The video of their audition is already a real success online – to date, it has reached more than 2.7 million views on YouTube alone, and many online commentators have written that they enjoyed the performance of The Brown Brothers immensely.


Gabriel Brown and Nate Brown, who make up The Brown Brothers, said before the performance that they both have one form of autism and have also served in the military. On stage, Gabriel sang as Kermit the Frog, SpongeBob, Donald Duck, Simon Cowell and Ben Platt.

Listen to a wonderful performance from the America’s Got Talent, in which The Brown Brothers provided a dose of laughter among the spectators and judges with imitations of famous characters. Will they brighten your day too?

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