Brother and sister died in car crash on their way to school before their Mom’s eyes – rest in peace


The day we become parents is the day our lives change forever.

Regardless of our child’s size, gender, appearance or anything else, we are taking responsibility for the birth of our children like never before.

All parents wish their children a healthy and happy future. We hope they finish high school, we hope they get married one day and maybe even have kids of their own. Simply put, they hope to realize their wildest dreams and discover all the most interesting things in the world.

But, unfortunately, the world is a dangerous place, and no matter how hard we try, we cannot protect our children from everything…

The Hidalgo family of Provo, Utah knows this better than most. Earlier this week, their lives were turned upside down during a morning school picnic.

The Hildalgos reportedly moved from Peru to give their children a chance to succeed in life. The mother and her three children were on their way to Wasatch Elementary School in Provo on Monday when the tragic accident happened.

The mother took a picture of her son and daughter holding hands in their school backpacks, not knowing it would be her last photo.

Out of nowhere, the rogue car veered off the road, hit two children, hit a gas pipe, and then crashed into a house.

Sabrina Pendleton, who was in the house at the time of the accident, said she ran outside.


“I heard a couple of crashes and then I felt the car crash into our house,” she said.

“I ran down the street for a bit and saw two children lying on the street and people giving them artificial respiration.”

He added: “The driver ran across the front lawn… Everyone was going crazy outside. We’ve all heard it.”

Police are reportedly investigating the cause of the loss of control by 59-year-old Darren Albertson, who died in the crash.

“This is a grieving community,” the Provo Police Department said. Shad Lefebvre. “It shouldn’t be.”

LeFevre added that authorities want to know more about the circumstances of Albertson’s death and the car crash that killed two children.

Was it like this before he crashed? Considered Lefevre. “Was it like that during the accident? These are things we cannot define.

We’ll have to wait for the doctor’s opinion.

Sabrina Pendleton explained that she tried to save him after his car crashed into his house.

“[I] tried getting him to wake up, shouting at him,” said Sabrina. “I’m trained in CPR, so I tried getting him out of the car to do CPR, but he was too big for me to get out of the car.”

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