Bad News Regarding the TV Icon


Since the 1970s, Barbara Walters has set television journalism milestones. She was the first female co-anchor of “ABC World News Tonight” in 1976. She also broke records by earning a $1 million salary each year, which was unprecedented then. Before launching her talk show, “The View,” she served as an anchor on “20/20” later in her career.

Walters has garnered multiple awards over her career. These accolades include Daytime Emmy Awards and Primetime Emmy Awards. To say she is a respected journalist would be an understatement.

Walters celebrated her 93rd birthday in September. In a homage to the show’s founder on “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg stated, “To the one and only Barbara Walters, who had a birthday yesterday, we want to say, 27 never looked so good.”


While Goldberg’s tweet was meant to wish Walters a happy birthday, it frightened fans who wondered why they hadn’t seen or heard from Walters in a while.

Walters’ life is fading swiftly. According to sources, Walters has severe dementia and never leaves her New York City apartment. She rarely gets out of bed, and when she does, she relies on a wheelchair.

Furthermore, the insider revealed that Walters is usually clueless of what is going on around her and that the only time she looks alert is when the news is on, even if this is not because she is watching the news. On the other hand, Walters is bewildered, believing it is her obligation to report the news story.


Walters announced her long-awaited retirement in 2014, and she hasn’t been publicly seen since 2016. She used to have guests in her apartment before the epidemic hit in 2020, but since then, she has lived alone with the help of her caregivers.

Walters is “very fragile and spends a major portion of the day napping,” according to the source. Walters “experiences weariness and lethargy, as well as anxiety and anger,” according to the source.

Walters’ crew is reportedly preparing for her anticipated health decline. Barbara is fading a little more each day, according to the source. Her team is hurrying to conduct things the way Barbara wants them handled as she draws nearer to death.

According to the insider, Walters cannot make many decisions for herself due to her dementia. “Unfortunately, her dementia has worsened,” the insider stated. Her caregivers allow her to make everyday decisions, but she mostly just stares at them.

According to another source, Walters rarely remembers the names of her friends or famous acquaintances. She was described as a “virtual skeleton” by the source.

Is Walters’ health situation unexpected to you? Do you think she’ll live a long time?

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