Amy Roloff has great news after her marriage to Chris Marek


Amy Roloff became famous on the Little People, Big World, however family life has changed since then as a result of her divorce with ex-husband and has since remarried Chris Marek.

Amy and her family shared their daily lives on ‘Little People, Big World’, which also changed peoples perception in relation to dwarfism.

Sadly, people who suffer from this medical condition are mocked by others discriminated against. Those who suffer from dwarfism can lead a normal life. Amy wanted to prove these things to others.


In 1987, Amy met Matt Roloff when they were both attending an LPA conference. They instantly felt a connection and spoke on the phone every, while lived in different states.


These lengthy phone conversations turned into a long-distance relationship. After meeting face to face a few time they fell in love. While on a trip toYosemite National Park Matt proposed to her.


Matt suddenly became agitated as they were standing on the edge of a cliff. Amy thought Matt was going to say something serious, but all of a sudden he proposed to her. Amy was totally surprised and her eyes welled up with tears as she said yes.


Matt and Amy have four amazing children together and bought their Oregon farm. Amy showed how possible it is to take care of a family and work during the show.


She also did several activities at the school and founded the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation. Amy has become a TV star as well as a wonderful wife and mother.


In 2016, Amy’s divorced Matt after she decided that they can no longer form a family together. Her production team encouraged her to date and meet new men, but she didn’t feel ready yet. Amy had to sell her part of the farm which was difficult for her. Eventually Amy got remarried to Chris Marek.


Initially there was no love between Amy and Chris but after a couple of dates they decided to give it a try. The pair got married. Chris Marek is the owner of Keller Williams real estate firm and has appeared on TV with Amy several times.


Amy and Chris will achieve a lot of things together.

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