All netizens laughed after the woman posted a picture with her 10-year-old in diapers


For all the sick, light or heavy, take courage and be strong! God watches and cares for everyone. It is true that life is not always beautiful and sometimes unfair and shows us that nothing goes right, but to win a fight you have to work constantly, we must never give up! In this article, we’re going to tell you about a 10-year-old boy who is probably one of the strongest men you’ve ever seen. He struggles with illness on a daily basis and his mother is there to help him. It’s sad that sometimes people are quick to judge before they know the story behind it.

Drake Medinger is a 10-year-old boy who did not have a happy childhood. Drake was diagnosed with leukemia, which led to many changes in his life. Instead of spending time with children his age, playing with toys, being curious and discovering new things, he had to undergo disease-specific treatments such as chemotherapy and blood and bone marrow transfusions. Finally, after several treatments, Drake’s cancer started to heal, so they stopped chemotherapy, but after half a year, the boy was diagnosed with testicular cancer.



Again his mother’s world collapsed. His mother posted a picture of Drake in a diaper and many people’s reaction was just deplorable. They laughed and condemned the mother for using diapers in the Drake era. Without knowing what was going on, they thought it was strange. To his mother Jessica, she was devastated. So we say that it is too narrow a custom to judge a book by its cover. His mother replied to whoever did this, saying in a follow-up message:

For those who suffer from these terrible diseases. Everything gets really, hard, really fast. Before you start with “Why you put a picture of him in diapers”, the picture you posted this morning shows nothing but panties and because life is not always good and beautiful. Life is not beautiful and cancer destroys people.”

Her post caused a lot of backlash, exciting many who enjoyed Drake’s position. Jessica went on to say that Drake was the reason for her smile, her love, and every heartbeat. Often he can’t sleep because they are afraid of what might happen at night and Drake can’t celebrate his birthday. They will continue to support him and stay with him forever, together in their own world. This mother deserves all the respect and recognition for her strength. Drake is an amazing boy who deserves to be healed and live a normal life. We wish and pray with all our hearts that the boy will recover! Share this with your friends and family.

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