Alec Baldwin is in tatters and can barely get up after the filming.


After camerawoman Helena Hutchins died after being shot by Alec Baldwin on the set of Roast, the incident shocked the world. Investigators described the accident as unfortunate, but new information in the foreign press suggests the situation could change in the coming weeks. There are conditions under which the perpetrator can be charged with murder, which means that he will be tried according to the law.

Helena Hutchins was murdered last week in New Mexico, where she and her crew were filming the highly anticipated movie Rust. What should have been a simple shooting scenario turned into tragedy when Alec Baldwin’s fake gun turned out to be real. The culprit has not yet been identified, but investigators are doing their best to find out what happened to suspend the project.


Is Helena Hutchins’ death an accident or murder?

It seems that everything was a tragic accident, judging by the initial information released during the investigation. Baldwin had no idea that the weapon he was carrying was loaded with live ammunition, so he followed his team’s directions and the character’s script. Unfortunately, Halyna Hutchins is not rescued, leaving a broken husband and child in this heartbroken case for answers.


In cooperation with the police, the actor expresses his deep regret for his actions and the guilt and contempt he feels for what happened seems to have completely consumed him. The disaster had taken its toll on his appearance, as evidenced by the fact that his face was now desolate and darkened with dark circles. He chose to be with the director’s next of kin and did his best to help them, but his actions don’t seem to rule out the possibility of him being charged with murder.

“I have no words to describe my grief and pain at the terrible tragedy that took the life of our beloved wife, mother and colleague Helena Hutchins. I am fully cooperating with the police investigation to show how this tragedy happened by contacting take with her husband and help him and his family,” he wrote on Twitter after the tragedy.

Alec Baldwin can be charged with murder with intent to kill.


This is because Alec Baldwin was not only the main protagonist, but also a member of the production team of the film “Rest”. In other words, he should have known the condition of the items used on the set and could be charged with reckless murder. Buyers focus on the person who previously supplied the gun to the actor. The weapon was checked in the presence of an assistant who confirmed that it could be used without endangering anyone.

Baldwin has made an important career decision that will not be reversed until the transaction is completed and the authorities have completed their duties. Out of respect for Helena Hutchins and her family, the actor decided to stay away from public life and his ongoing projects. He was deeply affected by the tragedy and the next few months will be spent calm and away from his audience so he can recover.

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