After Saving Her From A Coyote Attack, The Pit Bull Can’t Leave Her Side!


When Sherree Lewis’s son (a solder) was deployed to Afghanistan, his dog, Jack the pit bull began living with her. One night, two coyotes attacked Kitty; Sherree’s outdoor cat. Jack went after them without giving it a second thought. Though, with a broken tooth and some head-swelling, Kitty was saved by Jack. The cat was then taken to an emergency veterinary that ensured she was out of danger.
Since that day, jack assumed a caretaker role. As revealed by Sherree, he sniffs and checks on the cat each day and sees whether she is in the right shape. Jack has been staying by Kitty’s since the day she left the vet.
By having a look at this kind of video, I am made to believe that there is some sort of compassion and love inbuilt within animals. It is the same love and compassion that makes them to put themselves in the line of danger for the sake of protecting innocent and smaller beings.


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