A Tiny Home For A Tiny Price.


The Pallet House Project was created by designers from I-Beam Design after they realized one important thing: Americans throw away enough wooden pallets every year to house 84% of the world’s refugees. In just a year and a half, these disposable American items can house 33 million refugees in their own Pallet House.

Thirty-three million refugees – that is a lot of people getting shelter they desperately need. The incredible design (and cost) of the Pallet House is helping people everywhere build their own house in less than a day.


The Pallet House was first conceived as a transitional shelter for all refugees returning to Kosovo.


The pallet house is designed to allow each family to customize the size and layout based on their own needs and family size.


These tiny houses are made from wooden pallets that are usually thrown away. Find wooden pallets for free and enjoy a low cost house.


This house is so easy to build. Basic tools are the only thing required (besides human labor.)


Using other found items – like tarps or plastic sheeting – you can add character to your home.



These pallet homes can even be upgraded with insulation, as well as heating and cooling.


The “IKEA-style assembly instructions” are designed so that anyone can easily assemble their own home. I-Beam Design believes that people shouldn’t need to be a licensed carpenter in order to build a simple pallet house.

pallet-house8 (1)

The Pallet House information kit is a steal for $75. Each kit includes photos, diagrams, renderings, pdf plans, sections, elevations and a complete material and tool list.


Although originally designed for refugees, the Pallet House makes a beautiful little camping shelter or cabin for anyone who loves the outdoor life.

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It is truly awe-inspiring to see what can be made from materials that America just tosses away.


Source: I-Beam Design

For less that $100. you will have the plans to build yourself a a tiny house. The easy to follow instructions will have you enjoying your little shelter by the end of the day. These tiny buildings do not have plumbing, but they will keep you out of the elements. These plans are so adaptable that your children would love to have a tiny house of their own. Building a small shelter has never been easier.

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