A Rare Creature Keeps Company A Stranded and Scared Dog Until The Rescue Mission Is Done! You Can’t Imagine Who It Was!


Shock filled Florida police officers who were on a mission to save a dog that had been trapped in a river when they found out that a creature was keeping him company. This rare company was being provided by a manatee.

It was reported that residents who live within Seminole Heights near the Hillsborough River has heard noises over the night. Though that was the case, they never had the least idea where the noises where coming from till when dawn came. They discovered that a done was stuck in the river.

White Boy was the name of the stuck pup. Though his body was filled with bloody paws and bug bites, the police managed to rescue the scared dog. Though, the rescue mission ended up being part of the big story!

From photos revealed by the Tampa Police department, the frightened pup has a companion that was swimming next to him; a manatee. One officer by the name Randy Lopez revealed his thought to Fox News. He thought that the actions of the manatee were aimed at consoling the helpless dog. It was after the rescue mission had been successful done that the manatee made its way. The dog’s owner says that she will always remember such an eventful occasion and provide the creature with the care it deserves.

Lopez went ahead and termed the day as a ‘’Great Sunday’’ as it created some coming together between animals and the human community.


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Local residents flagged down Police Officer Randy Lopez (pictured) when they discovered the Pit Bull mix trapped in the Hillsborough River.

A photo taken by Tampa P.D. shows a manatee wading next to the scared, wet pup and keeping him company until a marine patrol unit could finish the rescue. This iconic image could teach us humans an important lesson!

Lopez said that the rescue brought together the two animals, as well as the local community in a heartwarming way. “What a great Sunday,” he told Tampa Bay’s Fox News station.

White Boy’s owner says she will keep a closer watch over her wandering pup. Here, she shows thanks to Lopez and the dog seems happy to be reunited with his loved ones!
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