A man dumps his girlfriend after finding out she gave birth to a boy and keeping it a secret for nine months


Alex Sidney was betrayed and upset when he found out his girlfriend had already given birth to a boy. He was shocked after finding her estrogen pills, so he confronted her about it.

Alex was furious that she lied to him about something serious and ended things immediately.

Alex felt betrayed because he found out about this from a mutual friend who told him his girlfriend was born a man.


He revealed that they were in an intimate relationship for nine months, and was left taken aback when casually a friend informed him about the big secret.

Everything seemed to be going great, said Alex. Until one night a mutual friend, who was drunk told me:


‘Look, Alex, I have been hiding something from you, I think you need to know this. I can’t leave you thinking this is a great and honest relationship. Your girlfriend is born a male and underwent surgery when he was 18 years old.’


Initially I didn’t believe him and my emotions were all over the place I couldn’t come to terms with the news.


There were so many thoughts and emotions running through my mind I felt angry and cold and unsure of what to do, said Alex.

I eventually ended the relationship.


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