A Daily Customer who never admired a BEAUTIFUL Singer Who Dedicated Every word To Him. Discover WHY!


Everybody wants to be loved, everybody wants to be in love, but do they believe they will find love? It’s funny when it comes knocking at your door! You won’t resist it no matter how hard you try doing it. Take Laura, she might look like a waitress, but Laura has a voice like an angel. Trust me I know!

Laura likes writing songs even though she is a little bit shy when it comes to singing. She has been transformed into a singer in her place of work when they discovered she had this talent. Then one day one man walks in into her impromptu concert. She had a special connection with him and needed even the least attention to tell him how she felt. Since that day she dedicated every song to him.


You see the guy was completely uninterested as compared to others who diligently followed every word she sung. Infant he was reading a book! This really hurt her. When she hit the climax everyone was dancing but not him. You see for Laura it was not about singing the song, but singing to the right person.

Then one day she noticed his man talking to another person using signs. This is when she discovered the way of getting into his heart. Everyone needs some assistance and Laura needed it. Then one day a beggar comes into the restaurant and when one of her workmate tries to send him away, she insists in helping him. The beggar takes his tea and leaves behind a book by the name ‘’A Basic Course in American Sign Language’’.
She spent the rest of the night learning how to accompany her son with the sign language. The following day she had a concert of her life. He connected with her in every word she sang and that was the beginning of a long journey! Please share the story with others.

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