5-year-old girl starts singing at school’s recital


Being raised by deaf parents, Claire and her little sister knew that they had to come up with a way to make things smoother. They learned the American Sign Language so they could communicate with their parents with no hurdles. It worked!

Well, that’s not really what this story is about. This is about what Claire did when she participated in a Christmas concert. She joined her classmates to practice for the concert, but she knew there was something missing. Her parents are deaf, and it would be sad for them to not understand what their cute little daughter was singing about. And what did she do?


She decided to translate the Christmas song into sign language! When she stepped onto the stage with her classmates, Claire joined in the singing while she translated the song for her lovely parents. They couldn’t believe it!

Her mom didn’t expect this. It was so nice of Claire to do this. She’s already a little hero! You want to watch the video and see what really happened.

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