5 Easy Tricks Of Applying Concealer On Your Skin. I Never Knew This Before!


Everyone wants to look young. To do this, people always look for makeups to give their skins a new look. Conceal flaws are known to be the remedy used in such occasions. But did you ever know that when you apply concealer in a wrong way, it will give you a horrible look? Wayne Goss, a professional make-up artist enlightens us in the clip below of the five tips on how to properly use the concealer to avoid that look of a wrinkled skin.

The first tip is to apply the concealer heavily beneath the eye area. Extend it to the side face too. Then using a brush that has been sprayed with water, rub the concealer in a circular motion. This will ensure an even distribution of the concealer.

If you don’t have a brush, apply heavily the concealer underneath your eye using your finger and then get a wet sponge and begin pressing till it is evenly pressed.


If you are using a powder foundation, Wayne advices us to first apply the concealer. Too do that, get a brush and press it on the concealer then start by applying it from the inner corner of the eye outwards. Using your wet finger or a wet sponge, press till it is properly blended.

Another way is putting your head in a straight position and looking downwards. You will a dark line underneath the eye area. Carefully, apply the concealer on the line using a brush, then blend it with a wet sponge or a wet cotton bud.

The fifth one is applying the concealer with a soft brush starting from the inner corner of the eye outwards and using the same brush, blend it out.

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