The 39-year-old mother of ten has finally given birth to a girl


Moms are the best! I have always admired mothers with many children because they know how much effort it takes to raise a child. They need constant care, love and funding for whatever they need.

Alexis Brett is a mother of 11 children. Son, isn’t that wonderful? This means that she is always busy keeping all of her children in order, but they are very happy.

But the most interesting of his children are 10 boys and the smallest girls.
In fact, both Alexis and her husband David always knew they wanted a big family, but it didn’t matter to them if it was a boy or a girl. In their opinion, it can be assumed that he was trying to have a daughter.

Speaking to the Mirror, Alexis recalled the moment she was told she was having a daughter. “I’d been expecting to hear we were having another boy. But when I found out it was a girl, my face was a picture,” she said.


The family, which lives in the Scottish Highlands, UK, were over the moon when baby girl Cameron was brought home. She makes a perfect addition to the family. Her parents say she will definitely be treated like a real princess having 10 brothers, aged 2 to 17, who will always be there for her and will have her back her whole life.

“Overall they got along better with him,” Father David said. “They try to keep quiet so they don’t wake her up.” They also want to help her hug and feed her – it was really nice. ”

This super mom has a lot to do, but she does a great job at everything. His house is never messy and he bathes 49 times a week. He also said that he vacuums his house every day, but he doesn’t mind.

When David and I asked if he had any plans to have more children, he said no.
“We’re going to stop now,” he said. “Not now. I said that last time, but this time I’m really serious. I love my family as much as I do now.

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