3 Buddhist Beliefs That Will Change Your Way of Thinking


The ideas and principals of practicing Buddhism benefits more then those that just practice yoga.
There are the Three Noble Truth behind the Buddhist philosophy that can be used in everyday life. They may just change your life for the better.
Dukkha: Life is painful and causes suffering.

Some people would say that Buddhism is negative. This is common for people just learning that to life is to suffer. There is more then that to this statement. Life is tough but there are things we can do to better ourselves.
We create more negative outcomes by suppressing our emotions. We all experience unpleasant feelings at one time or another in life including sadness, fatigue, and anxiety among others.
If we cling to material possessions we often cause ourselves more pain. If we cannot find a solution to our suffering right away we must learn how to accept the problem and this feeling.
For everyday use remember there is nothing wrong with us. Death, sickness, and aging are part of life. Life will be painful at one time or another for everyone. Practice accepting this truth.
To deal with things such as illness,loss, and heartache we can practice non attachment. Left go of the idea that things need to go a certain way. Learn how to embrace imperfection and open up to uncertainty.

Anitya: Life is constant flux.


The life that we know is constant flux. We can never recreate a moment that passed no matter how hard we try. Each day bring new experiences, temperatures, and thought development. Everything around us constantly changes and will be different.
The thought of constant change can make us feel uncomfortable. We can learn that everything including our pain will pass. This can be liberating once we accept it.
In everyday life we can learn how to celebrate and accept change. Everything around us is constantly changing and it is amazing. This may seem a little scary but we will learn how to accept things in the present time including our mind, body, and mood. We will learn how to enjoy each moment.

Anatma: The Self is always changing.

Many people are looking to find themselves. Our culture has us believing that our true selves are hidden somewhere within us. We do not know where it is but believe that it is there.
Buddhism has not fixed self. We have impermanence within our cells, memories but our identities change over time.
Our personalities of change over time. Many people use their jobs, names, and titles to identify themselves.
There is another self that we often do not learn about. We can learn how to change and how to accept changes at any time and place.
In everyday life we can focus on creating the person we want to be at every moment. We are not hidden withing ourselves. We are going to feel different from day to day. Being sad one day does not mean we will be sad forever. We can learn to forgive others and ourselves. Life is constantly changing and we can learn how to live in the moment.

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