2 Clever Ways You Would Love To Try When Cutting A Water Melon


This experience totally changed how I cut a watermelon! I believe you will learn a thing or two once you watch the clip below.

The first slicing method she uses is by halving it, then getting rid of the rinds carefully. When you cut the watermelon from top to bottom it helps you save some more melon for eating than the original awkward slicing method.

I’m curious though, do any of you use salt while eating your watermelon? This morning I tried something new; I poured a little lemon juice over my melon and the tingly balance between bitter and sweet brought out something amazingly new.

To add the icing on the cake; if you prefer your watermelon diced. This is among the fastest method of doing it.


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If you prefer your watermelon cubed for a fruit salad or presentation this is one of the fastest ways to do it:

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