19 Male Models Who Challenge the Notion of Aging in Every Conceivable Manner


Regardless of our identities or life situations, aging is an inevitable part of our journey. The distinction lies in how some of us gracefully embrace the process, perhaps even improving with time, while others resist every step with reluctance. Although the common association with this sentiment is often linked to women, it’s essential to recognize that men also undergo diverse experiences of aging. For the following men, time seems to be a benevolent companion, enhancing their allure.

These individuals hail from a myriad of backgrounds, spanning from fashion icons and movie stars to sportsmen, fathers, grandfathers, and ordinary individuals. As you peruse their images, a striking observation emerges—they all exude the wisdom of age. Intriguingly, a significant portion of them embarked on their modeling careers only after reaching the age of 45.

Among them, Phillipe Dumas holds the record for patience, initiating his modeling journey at the age of 60. Contrary to his expectations, he found immense joy in the experience. The remarkable stories and captivating images of these 19 men await you on this page, conveniently accessible through their Instagram accounts. Enjoy the captivating journey through time and style.


1. Eric Rutherford, 52 Years Old

2. Philippe Dumas, 60 Years Old

3. Mark Reay, 57 Years Old

4. T. R. Pescod, 56 Years Old

5. Wang Deshun, 80 Years Old

6. Aiden Brady, 50 Years Old

7. Garrett Swann, 47 Years Old

8. Ron Jack Foley, 51 Years Old

9. Alessandro Manfredini, 48 Years Old


10. Günther Krabbenhöft, 70 Years Old

11. Brad W., 47 Years Old

12. Anton Nilsson, 53 Years Old

13. Guillermo Zapata, 47 Years Old

14. Bobby Dekeyser, 52 Years Old

15. Seth Andrew Silver, 57 Years Old

16. Andre Van Noord, 51 Years Old

17. Irvin Randle, 54 Years Old

18. Andreas Von Tempelhoff, 60 Years Old

19. Will Willitts, 57 Years Old

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