Way Cotton Swabs In Your Ears


Cotton swaps have been known to be the most effective way to clean our ears. These swaps are generally used around the outer ear to remove wax buildup but some individuals go too far into the ear canal, which can cause inner ear damage, according to a recent study from the Henry Ford Hospital. Hearing loss or being hard of hearing, can be the result of sticking cotton swaps into the ear canal.

This can be the direct cause of ear wax being pushed further into the ear canal or the rupturing of the eardrum. This will call for a visit to your doctor. Jeffrey Teague, a guard for the NBA Atlantic Hawks, visited a doctor last month to have ear wax removed from his left ear that had caused him complete hearing loss in that ear.

Ear wax lubricates the ear naturally, protecting the inner ear from outside elements, therefore, you never want to completely rid your ear of it. For someone who wants a little extra cleanliness, studies have shown that using a dropper to drop four or five drops of a mixture of either peroxide or vinegar with warm water, into each ear, will help irrigate your canals.

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