Water, Lemon, and Himalayan Sea Salt: All That You Need to Say Goodbye to Your Chronic Headaches


Headaches can definitely be very persistent; therefore, one can easily get mad and annoyed. It is a tough bodily pain, especially when there is light sensitivity, throbbing sensation, and other vision matters present. People who go through this pain will do just about anything to either lessen or to stop the pain completely.

Alternative Route
Many people take the aspiring or Tylenol route, but these solutions are not always effective. There are a lot of alternative methods available to help in this problem, but there is one, in particular, that has become the favorite of many due to its effectiveness. We are talking about the all-natural beverage that is created with salt and lemon. Once you drink it, you can expect your headache to begin to subside within a couple of minutes.

>Pour a cup of water into a glass
>Squeeze the juice out of a lemon, remove seeds, and integrate it to the water
>Integrate 2 teaspoons of Himalayan sea salt and mix it
>Drink it!

Common Reason for Headaches
This beverage has the best all-natural hydrating ingredients known to man. Your body needs water to stay hydrated. If your body is lacking water, it will send a message to your body. One of those messages comes in the form of a headache. Just in case you were not aware, most headaches are due to dehydration.

Properties of Himalayan Salt
The Himalayan salt gives one’s body a healthy boost of iron, iodine, magnesium, copper, zinc, sulfates, calcium, potassium, minerals, and electrolytes. Iron is what gives the salt its pink color. This type of salt is the most mineral dense. Not to mention that lemons are replete of vitamin C and contain natural detox properties, which also aid in giving the body its much needed boost.

Try It and Share It!
Whenever you get a headache, go ahead and put this recipe to good use. Don’t forget to share it with all your loved ones so that they, too, can begin taking advantage of its benefits.

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