WARNING: It’s Here, A Dangerous Disease Than HIV. You Need To Know This!


Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is a killer disease worse than HIV. It is the latest disease that will surely kill a lot of people. Keep reading below to know why this is a more dangerous disease than HIV.



  • The Condom Misunderstanding

The condoms have been proven not to fully prevent HPV. Apart from that, this disease can be inactive in your body for years before attacking.

  •  The HPV Nightmare

Currently, HPV is the popular transmitted STI in the USA. It is a combination of nearly 150 strains of similar viruses, whereby the majority causeslumps.

  • A Prolific Virus

Active sexual age can contract HPV. The disease is spread when there is a skin-to-skin contact, hence making condoms not to be effective in the prevention.


  •  Contracting The Virus

When a person is infected with the virus, many years can pass and no symptoms will appear. Others can live their whole life without noting any symptoms at all.


  •  Ties To Cancer

HPV is more prone and dangerous to women. It is also closely related with cervical cancer, which is known to be #1 in killing women. 70% of cervical cancer women victims have the two types of HPV (type 16 & 17).


  • Danger To Women

Women are likely to contract the virus than men. Male-to-female transmission is greater by 5% than female-to-male transmission.

6-Danger-To-Women-e1442211269649 Source:  celebtricity.com 

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