Wake Up With An Active Body By Mixing These 2 Ingredients Before Going To Sleep


Recently, the time that we (both women and men) take to sleep has reduced to 6-7 hours from 7-8 hours a night. Though the steady decrease many not seem to be a great deal to many, but it has a difference in our bodies!

So as to ensure the body is at par with your daytime demands, you need to ensure that it has sufficient rest. With enough rest, it’s able to recharge and recover and meet all the demands.

There are those who think that they may end up feeling a little bit foggy or tired the following day if they spend more time sleeping. There are some who also believe that a cup of coffee cat fix everything. Though it does help, it’s not advisable to keep on loading your body with caffeine since the solution it offers is not permanent and therefore considered as one Band-Aid remedy.

What Lack Of Sleep Means To Your Health

Severe health problems can be caused by lack of sleep and can sometimes acts as trigger for disease and illness. Research has shown that those who normally spend less than 6 hours sleeping are more prone contracting a heart disease.

A review presented in the European Heart Journal back in 2011 where 15 medical studies were conducted on around 475,000 showed that there is an increased risk of about 48% of dying or developing a coronary heart disease for those who have shortened sleep cycles. It also revealed that the risk of dying or developing stroke was also 15% greater in those individuals.

The study further revealed that individuals who spend around 9 or more hours sleeping have an increased risk of 38% of dying from or developing a coronary heart disease while the risk of being a victim of stroke is 65%. Like with everything else, balance is what has to be taken into consideration when it comes to sleeping.

It was also found out in a different study that those who do not have enough sleep risk being victims of high blood pressure. Whenever most of us are a sleep, our body takes that time to lower the body blood pressure and if we’re going to sleep for a shorter time, it means that dip will not have enough time to be achieved.

Daily Technological Distractions

The surrounding environment does not make it any easier whenever we need to have a peaceful sleep at night. Family commitments, work and many other factors have caused many a lot of stress – a thing that never affected the past generations. We also subject ourselves to more technological uses that end up affecting our sleep cycles – something that we never realize.

Though purchasing the many available sleep aids can be an option, the use of such artificial aids can lead to addiction. Like always, we have a waiting remedy to solve the problem if we agree to depend on Mother Nature.

The Ultimate Sleep Recipe

Only two-ingredients are used in this simple recipe whenever you need a peaceful night’s sleep. With the recipe, your body will be able to relax as well as recover as it prepares itself for the following morning’s demands.

You only need the following:

Organic raw honey (5 teaspoons)

Pink Himalayan Sea salt (1 teaspoon). The two are mixed and put in a glass jar for storage.

You have the freedom of preparing the desired amount, though a 5:1 ratio usually offers the best results. Before you go to sleep every night, you are advised to put some portion of the mixture under the tongue and allow it to freely dissolve.

More than 80 elements and minerals are contained in the Salt and Honey Himalayan sea salt which our bodies need to perform different processes as well as recover. Glucose which normally supplies the cells of our body with energy is also contained in honey.

The working of this salt and honey leads to serotonin increase and as a result it helps in natural distress leading to a peaceful sleep. So, why not try this natural remedy to ensure you have a peaceful sleep and get your body ready for the demands of the following day?

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