Vegetable Oil has to do More with Chemistry than it Does with Normal Food


Millions and millions of individuals across the country opt to purchase vegetable oil, as it isaffordableand supposedly good for our well-being, but believe it or not, vegetable oil products at the grocery store are composed of unnatural ingredients.

Unlike coconut oil and olive oil, which are extracted by basiccold compressing, vegetable oil undergoes chemical treatments and high temperatures. Why is this done? Well, it seems that the main goal of food product manufacturers is to create the most attractive food possible, and they go the extra mile in order to achieve it.

Vegetable oil has to do more with chemistry than it does with normal food, which is a real risk for the health of people who are buying it. It is quite shocking how food is being manufactured, as a lot of it is definitely not being farmed naturally. We are made to eat natural foods and not processed and “made-up” food. Our ancestors ate 100% natural edibles and lived many years, but sadly, due to the dangerous chemical induced foods we are eating, this is changing at fast pace. The average use of vegetable oils, every year, is 70 pounds per person, which is definitely quite alarming.

Modern food factories will always say that their nutrients are safe but that is not the case. They will always do the impossible in order to boost and sustain this irrational idea. It is all up to us the consumers to make this modern food factories disappear once and for all by boycotting their unnatural foods.

I eat natural foods as much as possible. I understand that these modern food factories’ commercializing and consumption is boosted due to big capitals. These unnatural food manufacturers only have one thing on their mind: money. For this matter, it is important that you ask yourself when you are writing down your grocery shopping list if you want to purchaseriskyedibles such as vegetable oil, which can cause health matters in the long run, or opt to write down the kinds of edibles that your ancestors used to eat. If you stop and think about it, the natural way is definitely the best route to take.

source: herbs-info

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