Turning Your Vehicle’s A/C Right Away Can Bring You a Handful of Health Issues


Every time you get in your vehicle and turn on the A/C right away, you are placing your health and the health of those who accompany you at risk of attaining serious health issues.


Health risks evolve due to many of us opting to close windows before going indoors. If you leave your vehicle in a shade, it can easily accumulate 400-800 mg of benzene. If you leave it in an area where the temperature is higher than sixteen degrees Celsius, it can accumulate to 2000-4000 mg, which is forty times more than the level that’s permitted.

People end up inhaling the benzene, which can cause cancer, bone, liver, and kidney issues, when they sit in their vehicle with the windows closed. It’s a toxin that takes a lot of time for one to completely eliminate it from one’s organism. According to the results of a recent research, the air conditioner ejects the heated air out before it begins to cool the air, accompanied by benzene.

To solve this issue, before turning on the A/C, it’s important to open your vehicle windows for a few minutes even if you don’t sense a smell of heated plastic. After turning on your vehicle, still leave your windows down for a couple of minutes. This will help protect your organism from this harmful toxin, every time.

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