The Top Three Most Beautiful Cities In The World


While beautiful cities may be found across the globe, nowhere enjoys such a high concentration of them as Europe. No doubt many would speculate that some of the great cities of North America, Asia or the Indian sub-continent may have made the selection, but once more it’s a European monopoly on the top three most beautiful cities in the world.


When tourists from across the world are polled as to their favorite city, Venice always seems to come top. No doubt this is in no small part thanks to the iconic Venetian Lagoon that brings a marshy uniqueness to the atmospheric canals that have made the entire city a World Heritage Site. Beautiful renaissance architecture adds to the sense of romance that seems to pervade the streets and canals, with an incredible assortment of famous sites seemingly around every corner.

‘Queen of the Adriatic’, ‘City of Water’ and ‘La Dominante’ are but a few of the illustrious and enchanting names by which the city has been known, highlighting it’s historic prominence as a wealthy trading center made rich especially by grain, silks and spices. This commerce funded the great building works that still dominate the city today, also gloriously showcasing it’s economic success through the countless artistic masterpieces on display in the many world class galleries and museums. Music lovers are well served by the famous concert halls that offer a unique and timeless atmosphere.


Few cities match the timeless beauty and style of Paris, from the River Seine that meanders it’s way through the center to the iconic structures such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre. Sophisticated elegance pervades the aura of this enchanting city, that is a world hub for the arts, culture and international commerce.

Naturally those looking to enjoy some shopping will find no better destination, as it seems that almost every street is home to a unique boutique offering gorgeous fashion and Haute Couture tailoring. As a city that delights the eyes and the senses there is no better place to just walk and enjoy the sights of this most enchanting location.


The historic capital of Bohemia attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year to soak up the wide variety of architectural styles to be enjoyed in this fascinating city. Home to a wide range of styles, most prominently Gothic but also Romanesque and Renaissance, the most prominent sites are within easy walking distance from the Old Town Square with it’s narrow alleyways and quaint cobbled streets.

Unmissable attractions include Prague Castle, Charles Bridges, the Jewish Quarter, Lennon Wall and the Petrin Hill to name but a few, all relatively close to each other making it a great place to enjoy a walking tour or even just wander from street to street. Thanks to this stunning atmosphere, unique style and a wide variety of galleries, museums and cultural exhibits Prague is not surprisingly one of the world’s most favorite cities.

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