Top Five Reasons to Eat Eggs on a Daily Basis


It has been proven that eggs contain many nutritional benefits and thus health advantages. There are numerous of reasons that you should opt to consume them on a daily basis, but here are the top five (below).

Top Five Reasons to Eat Eggs
1. For the Absorption of More Vitamins
A single egg contains vitamin A (great for eyesight), vitamins A and B2 (good for growth), vitamin B2 (converts food into energy), vitamin B12 (creates red blood cells), and vitamin E (fights off free radicals that can lead to cellular and tissue damage, leading to cancer).

2. For the Stimulation of Weight Loss
Contrary to popular belief, there’s no proof that eggs can increase cholesterol levels. According to a study conducted by the Rochester Centre for Obesity Research, eggs are capable of lowering the absorption of calories by more than four hundred, which refutes the claims that state that eggs are fattening and thus unhealthy.

3. For Vital Minerals
Eggs are rich in zinc, phosphorus, and iron. During menstruation, women can benefit from eating eggs, as this is the period were they require a lot of iron intake. Phosphorus is good for the bones and teeth, whereas zinc is able to stimulate the immune system and keep you in great shape. Eggs also contain selenium, which is an antioxidant that lowers the risk of attaining cancer, and iodine, which aids in the creation of thyroid hormones.

4. For the Enjoyment of Low-Calorie Protein
A medium-sized egg has around 6.5 grams of protein and 70-85 calories. The average individual, especially females, requires fifty grams every day. Eating a Spanish omelet that has three eggs can keep you satisfied for a couple of hours.

5. For Reducing the Risk of Breast Cancer
A couple of studies performed by Harvard University in 2003, concluded that eating eggs as a teen can definitely lower the risk of breast cancer later down the road. Another study showed that females who consume at least six eggs every week are able to reduce the risk of breast cancer by forty-four percent. In 2008, University of North Carolina scientists stated that choline, which is a substance found in the egg yolk, can lower the risk of breast cancer by up to twenty-four percent.

Source: healthyfamilyhappyhouse

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