Top 6 Alkaline-Forming Foods That Will Improve Your Health


On a daily basis, we overlook the importance of having vegetables as part of our meals. We prefer consuming processed food most of which have toxic effects on our bodies. The harmful effects of these bad eating habbits are heightened by unfavorable conditions such as stress, drug abuse, drinking and other bad lifestyle behavior. This has lead to an increase in the occurrence of chronic as well as terminal diseases.

One of the basic causes of this situation is the lack of a balanced pH within the body. The blood requires approximately a 7.36 level of alkalinity for the efficient functioning of the body. It is adviced that people should consume foods whose inorganic state would be of an alkaline nature.

It is therefore important to be cautious about the foods we choose to eat. Too much acidity in the body could lead serious health consequences such as diabetes. These consequences are as a result of the body trying to aquire some form of alkalinity from within thus affecting the immune system. This reduces the chances of health and wellness. A high acidity level say 6.9 pH could lead to eventual death.

The key word here is balance. Too much of alkalinity or acidity is bad for the body. However, the major problem lies in acidity as a result of bad eating habbits. Below are some of the best alkaline-forming foods that can assist you in balancing your body pH and improving your health.

1 – Root vegetables

In the Chinese tradition, root vegetables were used to formulate medicine that was used in healig processes. The benefits of these vegetables do not end there. Unlike many of the other vegetables, root vegetables are known for their high levels of minerals. Vegetables in this category will include cassava, arrow roots, carrots, yams, radishes, beets and rutabaga amongst others. Root vegetables take approximately 15 minutes to steam and are quite satisfying.

2 – Cruciferous vegetables

This category of vegetables contain green leafy vegetables with a rose-like formation such as bok choy, cabbages, broccoli and cauliflower to name but a few. These vegetables are rich in vitamin C amongst other nutrients that are essential to improve health and wellness. Cruciferous vegetables are best served alongside a nutritional sauce.

3 – Leafy greens

One of the most nutritious leafy vegtables is spinach. It is overally known or its high content of vitamin K. Other nutritional content include minerals, folate, vitamins, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. Spinach facilitates proper digestion due to its high fiber content. An added advantage of consuming spinach is its ability to improve sight. Other vegetables in this category that can improve your health include kale and swiss chard among other leafy vegees.

4 – Garlic

Garlic is definitely one of the foods that stimulate health. It assists in lowering blood pressure and detoxification of the liver. This improves wellness in sectors such as the cardiovascular system and the immune system thus improving overall health.

5 – Cayenne peppers (Capsicum)

Cayenne pepper is a tropical food rich in alkaline. Consuming capsicum helps in the management of stress and facilitates wellness through reduction of free radicals. This function is facilitated by the high levels vitamin A found in capsicum.

6 – Lemons

The uses of this fruit are virtually countless. Lemons, when broken down in the body, are high in alkalinity. As an alkaline, it can be used in the management of high levels of acidity in the body as well as heartburns. It can also be used as a disinfectant in the treatment of wounds. The medication aspect of lemons is used in treating coughs, the flu and colds. It is one of the few fruits that when eaten will facilitate detoxification of the body. Lemon has a cooling sensation enabling it to offer a soothing effect.

Vegetables are not your enemy. Eating a wide range of vegetables is one of the best and easietst way of maintaining a healthy body. The next time you are out eating, consider including a vegetable or two in your meal. You will be surprised at their high nutritional levels and the benefits they could offer.

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