Three Natural Methods to Slow Down Your Heartbeat Right Away

Three Natural Methods to Slow Down Your Heartbeat Right Away

A common heart condition among men and women of all ages is a rapid pulse. The feeling it brings can definitely be very unpleasant, but if you act quickly, you can slow down your pulse under a minute by following these three simple methods (below).

1. Cold Water Method

Attain a container and fill it with the coldest water that you can attain. If you have a fast heartbeat, inhale deeply and place your face into the cold water. For as long as you can, hold in this position. This method helps to stimulate the vagus nerve, which has an effect on the rhythm of the heart. Your body is able to send a signal to your metabolism that makes it slow down, when you hold your face in cold water. This signal is well-known as the driving reflex, which helps causes a rapid decrease of the heart rate. Due to it slowing down the metabolism of one’s body, this same reflex can aid you to survive in the cold water for a longer period.

2. Deep Breathing Method

Breathe as deeply as your possibly can (to the utmost limits of your lungs, not simple deep inhaling), then exhale the air quickly. As long as needed, repeat this method.

3. Valsalva Maneuver

Close your mouth and pinch your nose after inhaling moderately, as you don’t want any air to come out. As long as you can, hold this pressure. Afterward, you can go ahead and exhale and relax. It is normal if you experience a mild vertigo while undertaking this method.

Try All Methods Until You Find the Ideal One

At least several times, try utilizing each of the previously mentioned methods before you opt to move to the next method on this list.

If you are experience frequent rapid heartbeats that last for 20 minutes or more, and if at the same time, you have pains, vertigos, and other troubles, it is recommended that you immediately seek medical attention.

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