The Top 8 Remedies to Turn Yellow Teeth Into Pearly White Teeth


Having a white set of teeth can make anybody feel more young and pleasant. In addition, of course, it is healthier to have white teeth than yellow teeth.
Teeth in general tend to get sensitive to food stains when the enamel is damaged. The yellowness can be due to various different factors such as tea, coffee, age, improper dental hygiene, and etc. Thankfully, there are several easy and simple remedies one can undertake to turn yellow teeth into pearly white teeth (read below).
The Top 8 Remedies to Turn Yellow Teeth Into Pearly White Teeth

1. Baking Soda
This is one of the oldest remedies in the book to make teeth whiter. All you have to do is mix a small amount of baking soda in a glass of warm water. Make to use this remedy twice a day as a mouthwash.

2. Banana Peel
Banana peel is rich in potassium; therefore, it is a great remedy to making teeth whiter. All you have to do for 5 minutes is rub your teeth with a ripe banana peel, twice a day.

3. Charcoal
With its crystal based chemical, charcoal can make teeth whiter if you opt to mix some of it in your toothpaste every day until you see a difference.

4. Holy Basil
Besides being able to treat gum issues such as pyorrhea, holy basil has great whitening properties that can make any set of teeth pearly white, again. All you have to do is set a couple of basil leaves in the sunlight for a few hours and then create a powder by grinding them once they become dry. You can opt to use it a tooth powder or make it a paste by integrating mustard oil in it.

5. Hydrogen Peroxide
With its mild bleaching property, hydrogen peroxide can help diminish the yellow stains that are on your teeth when you opt to use it as a mouthwash. Gargle your mouth with it, but make sure not to swallow it.

6. Lemon
Lemon has a great bleaching property as well. You can either mix lemon juice and one teaspoon of salt together to use it as a mouthwash, or scrub your teeth with lemon peel. Both of these options are great.

7. Orange Peel
Before going to bed, rub your set of teeth with orange peel and then make sure to rinse your teeth with warm water. The vitamin C and calcium that are in the orange peel will warfare with microorganisms, which will make your teeth stronger and healthier.

8. Strawberries
For those individuals who were not aware, strawberries are replete with vitamin C, which is what helps to make teeth whiter. Grind a couple of strawberries in order to create a paste and then rub your teeth with it 2 times a day for 2 weeks straight.

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