The 10 Symptoms That May Indicate You Have A Parasitic Infection And How To Get Rid of Them!


With data from the World Health Organization, it is indeed safe to assume the following, which is that 3.5 billion people the world over do suffer from some form of parasitic infection. What is a parasite? It is a form of specific organism that feeds and lives off of another living organism. What parasites do is to take the body’s nutrients, then utilize them, and this hurts the entire organism as a result. Parasites can have many forms. They learn to thrive in different parts of the body. A lot of these parasites do tend to make their home in the human intestinal tract. Some of these parasites eat your food, and this in turn, makes you hungry. You will always feel extra hungry after every meal and not gain any weight. There are other parasites that eat red blood cells. This is something that can make a person become anemic.

What Are Some Very Real Symptoms That You Have Parasites In Your Body? (How do you get rid of them?)

The first of these ten symptoms are no other than exhaustion, fatigue, depression, or a feeling of apathy.

The second of these ten symptoms is diarrhea. Parasites do often attack the lining of the intestines. This is
something that can lead to a host of abdominal issues. Diarrhea is one of them.

The third of these symptoms is skin problems. Some of these skin problems do include eczema, dry skin, rashes, hives, lesions. and also sores.

The fourth of the symptoms are mood and anxiety problems. Some of these mood and anxiety problems can include nervousness, mood swings, depression, anxiety, restlessness, and forgetfulness.

The number five symptom of having parasites is sleep issues. These sleep issues can be insomnia, bed wetting, teeth grinding while asleep, and also disturbed sleep.

The sixth symptom for parasites being present is weight and appetite problems. Some of these weight and appetite problems can be about weight gain, obesity that is long standing, loss of appetite, uncontrollable hunger, and the inability to either lose or gain any weight.

The seventh symptom is joint and muscle problems. Joint and muscle problems can take on the form of muscle cramping, joint pain, muscle pain, heart pain, arthritic pain, pain navel, list goes on.

The eighth classic symptom of having parasites is having a diagnosis of iron-deficiency anemia in one.

Number nine symptom is problems with reproduction, PMS, urinary tract infections, cysts, fibroids, water retention, prostate problems, and menstrual ails.

The tenth and final symptom of parasites is irritable bowel syndrome. Irritable bowel syndrome is one of the most common of all symptoms of parasites and it occurs when intestinal parasites do attach themselves to the walls of the intestines. This leads to inflammation of said area.

One of the very best ways to test for the presence of a parasitic infection is via a stool test. It is a stool test that can determine if a person has a parasitic infection and the type of parasitic infection he or she may have. It is highly advised to get with a professional medical practitioner to have this kind of test done.

Parasites love sugar a great deal. One way to get rid of them is to starve them. Don’t eat any sugar or processed types of foods. When you eliminate sugar and processed foods from your diet. You will eventually eliminate the parasitic infection too.

Additionally, in order to remove a hospitable environment for parasites, you must create an environment that is totally hostile in description for them. This means consuming food and herbs that parasites don’t like to eat or have around Parasites don’t like gentian root, ginger, blackberries, aloe, coconut oil, pineapple, pumpkin seeds, raw cabbage, papaya and pomegranate seeds. Eat as much of these foods as you can. Another thing to get rid of parasites such as worms is by eating more fiber. Credit:

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