She Seems to Be Alive Though She Died 90 Years Ago! But When You Look In Her Eyes? I’m Speechless.


Rosalia Lombardo died a hundred years ago of pneumonia. Her body was preserved in a glass casket and kept in the capuchin Catacombos in Italy. One may think that she is still alive by taking a look at the body. Because of this, she was called the “sleeping beauty”

From the video on you tube, her father was devastated when she died and he decided to approach Alfredo who was a renown embalmer to preserve the body. The body was among the last to be admitted in capuchin Catacombos and it appears to be the best preserved body in Catacombos.
People visiting the Catacombos have testified that her eyes seem to open as well as close and in the clip below, you will observe a time-lapse of an optical delusion or an anomaly. Individuals seem to be divided through what they explain while I have do not know what to say. It is clear that her eyes close and open in different pictures.

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