Best Natural Remedy Sea Salt and Baking Soda Is For Curing Radiation Exposure and Cancer


If you have been exposed to radiation for work or health screening purposes (such as mammograms or x-rays) you could be at risk for exposure to radiation. Exposure to radiation is a serious health risk, and one that should be addressed by a medical professional immediately. If you have other concerns about radiation exposure, such as radiation poisoning or the mining of hazardous material, this should always be your first course of action. Radiation exposure is serious. Along with the acute symptoms that occur due to exposure, there are also the long-term effects that can cause cancer and other serious diseases.There are also everyday working situations that can put you at risk for radiation exposure. High flying altitudes, vicinities of local plants, nuclear fallout from a disaster, earthquakes, high velocity sun exposures and many more. If you fall into any of these categories it pays to be prepared for an exposure to radiation. There are steps you can take to help remedy this situation.

Macrobiotics have been touted as a cure to help people suffering from radiation. During the horrific bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki there were plenty of people who needed a reprieve from this deadly radiation exposure. Tatsuichiro Akizuki was a young medical doctor at the time of these bombings. Located only a mile from the blast site, the doctor could have run away and left his patients to die. Instead, he formulated a macrobiotic diet to help protect them from radiation.

Dr. Akizuki fed his patients a combination of brown rice, miso, and soy sauce soup. This combination helped to cure him and his patients of the radiation sickness that they have received as a result of the blast. The patients of the hospital were saved, all thanks to the heroic doctors actions. Western medicine does not teach us everything, but it does give us a good idea about many different things. This example proves why doctors are so important when treating radiation sickness.

It has been hypothesized by spectators that were perhaps slightly scurvy, that sea salt was an important factor in curing people of the radiation sickness. Though it should be noted that there is some hard science that indicates that baking soda can serve as a protectant to some form of radiation. This could be tenable, depending on the studies. The army recommends drinking baking soda to protect kidneys from radiation, so there is value in using products such as this to stop occurrences of radiation.

To apply this treatment into your own life, there are several approaches that you can take. Saltwater could be an effective treatment, depending on the severity of the reaction. It’s important to react quickly when faced with radiation poisoning. A qualified medical care professional will be able to inform you of the steps to take. Continue to drink a combination of sea salt in distilled water. This may, in fact, do something. Take a soak in the ocean or a cup of amino acid. All of these are proven to have a link between radiation.

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