14 Reasons Why Sport And Energy Drinks Can Harm Your Health


Today energy drinks are a popular with many executives who turn to them to stay alert during a grueling business day; young people are turning to them in favor of the soft drinks and coffee for quick energy. Athletes and bodybuilders use them to give them that extra boost they need to help them get through their workouts and for quick recovery or enhanced performance at their chosen sport.

However, there is a price to be paid. A teen suffered a heart attack and died after drinking too many of these caffeine laden and sugar filled concoctions. In this article, we will look at some of the other reasons you should avoid and eliminate energy drinks from your lifestyle in order to remain healthy and avoid the unpleasant side effects that often result from prolonged use of them.

Reason # 1 The Crash Afterwards
It is true this drinks provide extra energy. But, after the peak boost phase you receive, you suffer “The Crash.” This is when your body functions drop like a rock to below normal levels of activity. Moreover, some other dangerous side effects may occur after continuous use of these produces such as:

Chest pain,
Trouble sleeping
Risk of Stroke
Heart Attack

These drinks have no FDA set limits for sugar or caffeine as do soft drinks.

Reason # 2 Increased Stress and Anxiety
Caffeine as been proven to be Stress amplifier and in large quantities causes irritation and Anger. The fact that many of these Energy drinks contain more caffeine than the label states only exacerbate the problem. The heart palpitations that are a side effect mimic the symptoms of High Anxiety and you suffer the same feelings of fear and unease.

Reason # 3 High levels of Sugar
With no controls, Energy drink manufacturers can put pretty much as much sugar as they want into their products. The obvious side effect is obesity and dehydration as the sugar robs you of water. This also could lead to Type II diabetes and a host of other aliments related to the overuse of sugar. Compound this with the fact many young people drink Energy drinks in favor of water you start a vicious cycle that can damage your health.

Reason # 4 Mood Changes and Hormone balance
Continuous use of Sport and Energy Drinks cause mode swings and upset your hormone levels. Caffeine reduces serotonin, which affects brain function, and fits of Anger and Anxiety often result.

Reason # 5 Burden on your body
These drinks trigger the body’s Fight or Flight mechanism that forces the body to operate beyond its normal limits. Over time organ failure and nervous disorders occur. This can also cause what is termed “Shell Shock” which occurs when soldiers are faced with continuous combat with no time to recover, emotions shutdown and the mind becomes dazed.
Reason # 6 Sleep Deprivation
Studies of those who go without sleep for long periods of time, exhibit of numerous side effects that occur and their overall health deteriorates. Prolonged use of Energy Drinks induces these same symptoms, but masks them, as you feel great. Behind the scenes however, your body is paying the price.

Reason # 7 Cost
These products come at premium prices and the more popular ones that are touted by Fashion & Trend setters as well as Sports stars command higher and higher prices. To be fashionable means paying extra costs for the trendy drink those around you are consuming. This can cost you up to $800 – $1000 dollars a year to stay with the “In Crowd.”

Reason # 8 Artificial Sweeteners
Even when Energy Drink makers take the sugar out to attract the weight conscious among us they are manipulating you. Remember the people making and selling these products are masters of manipulation and spend millions in finding out what can hook you on their products.
Sweeteners like Aspartame have been linked to many forms of cancer and many other ails that are arising in our society. Also, when the sugar is removed the drink is often laced with more caffeine to keep the energy levels high.

Reason # 9 Artificial Colors and Flavors
To make the Energy Drink flavorings that are more appealing are enhanced to overwhelm the taste buds and the artificial colors make these drinks look exciting. But many of these additives are toxic and they sometimes provoke allergic reactions and cause headaches.

Reason # 10 Fatigue
Adrenal Fatigue sets in as these Sport and Energy Drinks cause the Adrenal glands to produce more and more Adrenaline to maintain the high levels of energy. However, the kidneys and these glands were designed by evolution to be used for short burst of energy to allow us to survive dangerous situations not a state to be in continuously.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is one such ill foisted on us in our high pressure society, now add to that the added load caffeine boosted Energy Drinks and you have a recipe for disaster in the making.

Reason # 11 Vitamin Overdose
B Vitamins are often added to Energy Drinks, to both enhance the health appeal and give extra Energy. Once again however, too much is not a good thing. B Vitamins if overdone causes:

Skin rashes & irritation
Nervous disorders
Liver Toxicity

Vitamins are an important part of anyone’s diet; taken to excess they become a detriment instead of a benefit.

Reason # 12 Ginko side effects
Ginko Biloba is added to some of the Energy & Sports Drinks to release more energy and Stamina. They also can cause:

Rabid heart rate
Negative interactions with prescription meds
Possible Thyroid cancer

Reason # 13 Green Tea ExtractThis is a sham and not the same as Green Tea. It is created by a manufacturing process that claims to get the best of the Green Tea benefits. Green Tea is a healthy drink by itself and it provides energy. But extracts do not maintain the balance that makes these natural products so useful.
Chemically making extracts, which by focusing on only one aspect of Green Tea L-Theanine, it ignores the supporting or balancing health benefits in Green Tea that are there as well. So, it becomes little more than a caffeine substitute with no redeeming value.

Reason # 14 Allergic reactions
With all the manmade and artificial ingredients in energy Drinks today it’s no wonder many are reporting reactions to them. Anaphylactic shock has been reported in some cases and other less life threatening effects as rash, Irritated Bowel Syndrome and other gastrointestinal problems. These drinks allergic reactions can also affect the nervous system as well which can develop into in permanent and lifelong problems.

So next time you go to a party or a Rave and someone offers you the latest in trendy Energy Drinks, you might want to settle for a bottled water or a soft drink instead. If you are an executive who needs a pick me up. A Cup of Earl Gray or that old standby a cup of Joe might be in your best interests.

Your body is a marvelous machine that has been perfected over the millennium to operate within certain parameters. Why mess that delicate balance and possibly risk your health and wellbeing to be part of the “In Crowd?”

Anything done to excess is dangerous, Energy Drinks are at the far end of excess, and one should be wary of their use, if you value your life and health. The Choice is of course yours to make.

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