Plants and Herbs that Can Boost Lung and Respiratory Health


The general belief is that herbs are not as effective for healing the body as conventional medications are. Although many herbs have not been thoroughly studied for their healing effect on the body, this is also the case when it comes to a number of prescription medications. In many instances, conventional drugs are created to mimic a component of a natural remedy. However, prescription medications often come with a number of harmful side effects.

It is always wise to research a substance before taking it, whether the medication is natural or a prescription. The skepticism that many people in the Western world have about herbs is largely due to the pharmaceutical industry’s influence. This is because herbs can’t be patented the way that medications can.

If you’re looking for herbs that will improve the health of your lungs and respiratory system, here are some natural suggestions. This list is courtesy of herbologist, homeopathic practitioner and nutritionist John Summerly.

Coltsfoot is an herb Native Americans have used for thousands of years. The herb clears out mucus from the lungs and bronchial tubes and helps to make the lungs strong. Research has also confirmed that coltsfoot is beneficial for treating chronic cough, asthma and bronchitis. The natural supplement can be taken in tea form or added to juice or water when it is in tincture form.

Osha Root
Osha comes from the Rocky Mountain area of the U.S. and is another natural remedy that Native Americans have been using for generations. The roots of the osha plant have camphor in them, along with other beneficial components that make osha one of the most helpful herbs for lung conditions that the U.S. has to offer.

Thyme helped to alleviate and prevent chest congestion. The essential oils that the herb produces are antiseptic and soothing to the respiratory system. Drinking thyme tea can eliminate viruses and bacteria in the chest cavity and boost the function of the lungs. The herb is also beneficial for getting rid of acne and skin blemishes.

The leaves and flowers of the mullein plant are effective when it comes to making the lungs stronger and enhancing the way the lungs function. Mullein clears mucus from the lungs and removes harmful substances from the bronchial tubes. The herb also decreases respiratory tract inflammation. Mullein can be consumed as a tea or taken in tincture form.

Sage leaves have a strong but pleasant scent and are used to treat coughs and sore throats. Thujore, camphor and salvene are in the leaves of the sage plant, and these ingredients have the ability to treat sinusitis, as well as a number of lung disorders. Sage tea is available at most health food stores. The herb can also be put into a vaporizer.

Plantain Leaf
The plantain plant produces a fruit that looks a lot like a banana. The leaves of the plant have long been used to treat coughs and soothe the mucus membranes. The leaves are also antitoxic and antibacterial, which immediately helps to improve the function of the respiratory system. Plantain leaf can also help to relieve a dry cough, since it can prompt the lungs to produce more mucus.

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