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The Russian prescription:

Many guidelines have been brought up on how to treat varicose veins, but not all of them are valuable. A quick and easier method to use is by using green tomatoes to treat yourself if you suffer from this condition.

We, therefore, offer the Russian Folk healing prescription to treat the varicose veins. Here are the steps to follow:

Wash your green tomatoes and cut them into medium sized slices. Organize your veins and put them together using a bandage.

Apply them to the diseased part and let the tomatoes remain there until you feel a tingling sensation on the skin. The time taken is different from a person to another. If you still feel that burning sensation on the skin, remove them and wash with cold water.

Repeat this process five times a day and the results will be splendid after day one. After 14 days of application, the pain and knots in the veins will start to disappear.


Can it be treated at home?

Theories have come up with to say that regular consumption of tomatoes prevents cancer and other health issues. It is believed that delicious vegetables contain an aspirin acting substance in them

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