Onions and Your Feet: Why Should You Use Onions At Night?

Onion slices in the foot as a medical treatment

There’s a chance that you’ve heard that people put onions on their feet when they go to bed at night, and you may be wondering why in the world they would do that to themselves.

Why Put Things On Your Feet At Night?

You may not realize it, but your skin happens to be your biggest organ. Your skin is also very permeableand able to absorb what is put on it. Researchers found that putting coconut oil and safflower oil on a newborn’s foot would increase the levels of fatty acids and triglyceridesjust as if the newborn would have ingested these oils. Therefore, you can see how putting something on your feet at night when you’re lying down can be beneficial for your health.

Why An Onion?

You may be wondering why put an onion on your feet at night, and the reason is that onions are popular is that it has sulfurin it. Sulfur can help your body to build muscles, make insulin and help you grow healthy fingernails and hair.

How to Use Onions

Before you go to bed, you’ll need to slice any kind of onion getting several slices that are about a half of an inch thick. Put the first slice on the bottom of your foot by your toes, and use your sock to keep that slice in place as you add another slice to the next uncovered portion of your foot. Move the sock up to cover the addition slice, and add another slice if necessary to get your to heel. Pull the sock up completely, and you’re ready to go.

Onions and Corns

If you happen to have any corns on your feet, you can also use this onion trick to help soften and remove the corns. Before you apply the slices of onion to your feet, you will want to soak them in vinegar. The vinegar’s acetic acid will help to soften this corn until it goes away.

Today can be a good day to start putting onions on your feet at night when you go to sleep to get all of the health benefits from onions without having to eat them.

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