What Are Your Nails Telling You About Your Health?


Your nails can be a window into your overall health. Many health conditions can make themselves known by the condition of your nails. Do you know what it means when your nails are brittle or yellow? Continue reading below to see what your nails could be telling you about your current health condition.

1. Yellow Nails:
Your nails may yellow due to age, smoking, or your nail care routine, such as wearing fake nails. However, yellow nails may also mean a fungal infection, diabetes, thyroid disease, psoriasis or other health conditions are present.

2. Brittle Nails:
Your lifestyle may play a role in having brittle, dry, or cracked nails, such as washing a lot of dishes or using too much nail polish, but some health conditions this may point to includes vitamin deficiencies, thyroid disorders, and fungal infections.

3. Clubbed Nails:
Clubbed nails where your fingertips are enlarged can be caused by heart disease, low levels of oxygen in your blood, kidney disease, AIDS, and more.

4. White Spots:
White spots are typically signs of trauma to your nail bed, but in some instances, could be a sign of a fungal infection.

5. Horizontal Ridges:
Horizontal ridges are a sign that for some reason your body paused in creating your nail. These ridges could be a sign of a zinc deficiency, malaria, circulatory disease, diabetes, arsenic poisoning, carbon monoxidepoisoning, or leprosy.

6.Vertical Ridges:
Vertical ridges are usually from age, but they could be a sign of a vitamin deficiency.

7. Spoon Nails:
Nails that curve up almost like a spoon could be a sign of an iron deficiency, hypothyroidism, or heart disease.

8. Nail Pitting:
Nails that are pitting could be telling you that you have psoriasisor other skin disorder.

9. Nail Discoloration:
A dark discoloration on your nail may be a sign of melanoma, and should be looked at by a doctor.

10. Pink Strip on White Nails:
If your nail is white with a pink strip on it, there’s a chance that you may be suffering from diabetes, liver disease, congestive heart failure, or kidney disease.

Some of these conditions can be rather scary to consider having, so it can be a good idea to check with yourdoctor. Let them know about your nail condition, and discuss your worry about it.




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