Grapeseed Extract: A More Effective & Natural Chemo Alternative for Advanced Stages of Cancer

More Effective & Natural Chemo Alternative

Thanks to the research conducted by the University of Colorado Cancer Center, which was published in the medical journal Cancer Letters, individuals who are currently victims of rectal and colon cancers might be able to kick chemotherapy to the curb, as grapeseed extract (GSE) has proven to be able to instigate the death of cancerous cells and prevent cancerous cell growth.

In case you were not aware, radiation and chemo treatments tend to backfire, as they kill healthy cells, and thus, patients are left weak; therefore, cancer can come back ten times stronger. On the other hand, GSE leaves healthy cells in tact while destroying the cells that are cancerous.

This grapeseed extract can treat those cancer victims who are in stage IV. A doctor involved in the study revealed that it takes less than half of the concentration of this extract to destroy fifty perfect of stage IV cells while suppressing cell growth.

This study states that just taking 150-250 mg every day of this extract can aid in the prevention of rectal and colon cancers while preventing a lot of other ailments as well.

Resveratrol and Curcumin: Cancer Fighting Powerhouses

The popular supplement resveratrol and a bio-active compound in GSE have proven to be able to help with different health matters, like heart disease, diabetes, and of course, cancer. Chinese medicine practitioners consider resveratrol, which has been utilized by more than 1,500 years to treat different health issues, to be able to help repair cracks in the arterial linings.

If for some reason you can’t find grapeseed extract, or want to try another cancer-preventing option, try curcumin supplementation, as a study from the University of Kansas’ Cancer Center and Medical Center revealed that it prevents the growth of esophageal cancer cell lines.   Source: naturalsociety 

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