Mix One Cup of Buckwheat, Walnuts and Honey To Treat The Thyroid Gland


One cup of buckwheat is placed in a mill with walnuts and honey and transferred to a glass bowl.

Buckwheat should be carefully milled in the coffee machine to a homogeneous condition. You can not replace it with buckwheat flour because there are no such useful components contained in the shell of buckwheat. Cut the nuts into a meat grinder. Mix everything with honey and stir well.

Store in the refrigerator.

Usage methods:

– The ready mix should be taken three times a day before eating one teaspoon for one month.
– If desired, you can add to this mixture dried apricots or raisins for those who have heart problems.
– Once a week for a whole day, eat only from this mixture, without taking any other food except water.
– Do this six times, ie. six weeks. After a month, repeat the treatment as contraindications to this recipe, except for honey allergy.

Once you take this elixir you will feel how healthy and strong you become.

Be always with a healthy body!

Ultrasound examination: The thyroid gland will be normal.

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