Why Marijuana Smokers Are Running to the Produce Department for Mangoes


While you may be aware that mangoes are high in vitamin C, did you know they could be the key to unlocking marijuana’s real potential?

While it hasn’t been scientifically proven, many pot smokers are opting to eat a mango or two an hour before they light up to enhance their highs. Marijuana.com reports that there is a high probability that the myrcene molecules found in mango could potentially “increase, strength and even lengthen” the feeling of euphoria felt while smoking marijuana.

Marijuana includes over 100 terpene molecules that are responsible for affecting THC in the brain, as well as giving a high its ebbs and flows. Marijuana contains more myrcene terpene than any other type of terpene. This means that eating a mango high in myrcenes could possibly enhance the high of a low quality bud or give a high quality bud an extra push. Currently, research involving how terpene and myrcene is still in its beginning stages.

Christopher Hudalia, ProVerde Labs’ Chief Scientific Officer states, “I didn’t know the answer and the reason we don’t know the answer is because our government, in its infinite wisdom, didn’t permit any research in this area for many years. In many cases we are just starting to do this research.”

Myrcene is frequently used in the perfume industry and is responsible for the smell of Valencia oranges, apricots, and walnuts. Found in verbena, hops, and lemon grass, as well as in the West Indian bay tree that is used to make bay rum, it takes its name from the plant, mercia. Its aroma is described as citrusy, fruity, and woodsy, much like cannabis.

However, one of the lesser known facts about the myrcene is that it allows THC to pass through the blood brain barrier much more quickly. Typically, it takes THC approximately 7 seconds after inhaling to reach the brain. However, if you eat a mango or drink a mango smoothie about 90 minutes before smoking, you could possibly reduce this to half the time.

According to “The Big Book of Buds”, the Cavalo, Espada, Paulista, and Rosa varieties of mangoes are outstanding sources of myrcene.

However, don’t just go out and eat a huge mango. You may need to adjust the timing, if you have a slower metabolism, because it requires more time to digest the mango. Thus, impacting the amount of time it will take to feel any enhancements in your high.

To get the full effect of the terpenes in marijuana, you should take several deep breaths and inhale the bud’s aroma before you begin to smoke. This can be done by chopping or breaking up the buds and then deeply inhaling through your nose. (Be aware that some purists may be against chopping up the bud.

Eating a mango innately enhances the terpene levels, as well as the high, but there is an additional benefit to eating mangos. They are a good source of dietary fiber and vitamins A and C, which is an ideal way to fight off any junk food munchies.

Source : alternet

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