Honey Infused With Garlic: Your Health’s New Best Friend


Garlic and honey are two of the most powerful natural remedy ingredients available when it comes to their healing properties. Most people enjoy cooked garlic, but to get all of the health benefits, it needs to be consumed raw. Honey can help to give it a better taste while adding so many great health benefits. This is a powerful natural immune system booster.

What You’ll Need:

• Raw honey – 2 cups
• Garlic – 8 to 10 cloves
• Pint-sizedMason jar with lid

Peel and wash the garlic cloves. Mince the garlic finely. Take the mason jar, and add the minced garlic to it. Add the honey to the jar and seal it up tightly with the lid. Place it in a window to allow the honey to become infused with the garlic. You should try to get a southerly facing window to do this in. After a month, this will be ready to use. After opening, you should keep this blend in the refrigerator to keep it safe.

One variation of this recipe is to keep the cloves wholeand eat them when you’re feeling sick along with using the honey in tea to not let anything go to waste.

This is a great home remedy for when you’re coming down with a cold or just generally feeling under the weather.

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