Health & Wellness For Your Hair With Baking Soda!


Did you know that baking soda can provide you with a good and easy way to clean your hair? Yes, believe it, the rumors are certainly true. What really did shock me to learn this was the following. I used the baking soda to see what it would do. It ended up making my hair look and feel 100% better after use. It is so much better than traditional shampoo for this reason.

I believe in complete DIY when it comes to my beauty. I’m always on an endless quest to make sure that I don’t exposure myself to any form of harmful chemicals. I got very psyched when I noticed this action did gain me such great results.

With all this being said, you must be wondering about one thing, and this thing is what is so bad about regular shampooing? The answer is as follows. These traditional forms of shampoo can contain many harmful ingredients in them. Some of them are:

*Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

*Sodium Laureth Sulfate




You might not think that the word “fragrance” can be anything bad, but it can actually contain more than 4,000 separate chemical ingredientsin itself, and this is a very scary thing to know about it.

There are indeed alternative shampoos. These alternative shampoos are all natural in ingredients and are awesome shampoos to use compared to the traditional ones. Natural shampoos don’t contain any harsh or harmful chemicals in them. The rain in Seattle did cause my short hair that was getting longerto grow limp and flat. I tried to fix this problem by using mousse and styling gel. However, it only caused a buildup, and made the problem worse.

I even tried to add on a clarifying shampoo every couple of weeks, but all it did, was to dry out my hair even more. I decided to try an intensive conditioner next. It only served to make my lifeless hair problem all the more bad. Along, with the presence of the cold, my hair only got more static-y.


I so annoyed with the bad hair of my hair thatI almost did decide to just chop it off and go back to short hair all over again. I was lucky enough just in time to find my way over to the baking soda and vinegar hair care method. It was the very thing that did solve my problem at last.

My hair has totally changed for the better since using this new method. It has far more life, body, volume, and strength. The crazy hair products that I was using was only depleting stuff away from it naturally. The special hair care nonsense was just plain nonsense. My routine for hair care is relatively simple now. I just wash with baking soda now. I then rinse it with vinegar. Then I blow dry and I can flat iron the front end strands if I want to.

That’s all there is to it now!

Natural shampoos do have a tendency to strip the scalps of their natural oils. This tends to lead to increased oil production in hair. So, when you do stop using traditional shampoos, the first few weeks. Your hair may seem to be very oil than the norm for a bit. Just give your scalp time to adjust. I have been using this method now for a little while and my hair no longer gets oil. I only use the method every two to three days. The baking soda and vinegar method is very cheap and is highly effective. It is also very simple and totally chemically free. You will come to like it as much as me.

The Method:

It may prove to be difficult in the beginning. This is because there is a lack of foam in the shampoo at first. However, it is well worth it, trust me.

The Baking Soda:
You start by mixing one part of baking soda with three part of water.
Apply the baking soda and water mixture to either hair that is wet or dry in description. Put the shampoo to the hair roots and work out from them towards the scalp and outer areas. You should adjust the amount of ingredients here depending on the length of your hair.

Let mixture remain on hair for one to two three minutes and then rinse off with warm water

After washing is done. It is now time apply vinegar rinse.

The Vinegar Rinse

Do mix one part apple cider or white vinegar with four parts water. You can minimize the smell of the vinegar by adding a teaspoon of lavender, peppermint, or rosemary to the mixture.

Tilt your head back to avoid getting this mixture in your eyes. You should then distribute it freely through
your hair.

After a few seconds of having it remain in your hair. You should then wash it completely. When you let the mixture stay in for about this length of time. It does aid in sealing in valuable moisture for your hair overall. It also helps to eliminate big frizz and static as well. This baking soda and vinegar shampoo mixture is awesome for awesome hair!


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