Health Benefits From Bananas That You Would Not Expect


Bananas will give you a substantial boost of energy almost immediately after they have been eaten and you will find that this energy boost can be sustained for a long period. This occurs because of the fiber that bananas contain, as well as three types of natural sugar – fructose, sucrose and glucose. Bananas are very popular with athletes because a 90 minute workout can be fueled by just two bananas. There are many other health benefits that eating bananas can bring and so it should an addition to your diet every day.

Eating a banana can help people suffering with depression as the body can convert the tryptophan that is contained in bananas into serotonin. Serotonin is known to improve the mood and make you feel generally happier and more relaxed. Bananas also contain vitamin B6 which can regulate the levels of glucose in the blood, and this can help improve mood during a woman’s period.

Bananas are also beneficial if you suffer from anemia as they are high in iron, and this can help stimulate the production of hemoglobin in the blood.

The FDA have recently allowed the banana industry to be able to make the claim that bananas can help with lowering blood pressure and reduce the risk of a stroke. Bananas are so effective in lowering blood pressure because it contains very low amounts of salt but high levels of potassium.

Bananas can benefit students as the potassium in them can keep them more alert and able to concentrate more fully. If they are eaten at breakfast and lunch, then they keep students in their lessons throughout the day.

The fiber in bananas can help relieve constipation as it encourages normal bowel movements. Eating bananas is a healthier alternative than taking laxatives.

A banana milkshake that also contains honey can help cure a hangover. The stomach can be calmed by the banana and the honey will help to raise sugar levels. The milk will rehydrate you and offer soothing effects.

If you are suffering from heartburn, then a banana may be able to provide relief because they have a natural antacid effect.

Bananas can help prevent morning sickness and also keep blood sugar levels up when they are eaten as a snack between meals.

A mosquito bite can be treated by rubbing the area around the bite with the inside of the skin of a banana. This will reduce the swelling and help relieve the irritation without the need for insect bite cream.

The B vitamins that are found in bananas can help calm the nervous system. Research has shown that eating a banana as a snack between meals can help regulate sugar levels and this means you are less likely to snack on high fat foods when you are feeling stressed.

The smooth texture of bananas make them the ideal food to help with any disorders of the intestine. Bananas will coat the lining of the stomach which will reduce irritation and neutralize the stomach acid. It will not cause distress when being eaten and this cannot be said of any other raw fruit.

Bananas are thought to be able to cool the temperature of women who are pregnant, and in some cultures women eat bananas to ensure that their babies are born with a cool temperature.

Bananas have four times the amount of protein that apples do, and twice as many carbohydrates. Bananas also contain five times the amount of iron and vitamin A and twice the amount of all other vitamins and minerals. They also contain three times as much phosphorus. Bananas really are a super food that provide you with high levels of energy, as well as being useful in helping with a range of other illnesses and conditions.

Source: natureknows

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